With Health247's workshops, articles, vitality programs, and the mobile 'Selfcare' app, self-care is always at your fingertips. We took care of their visual identity and website.

Health247 - The Netherlands
Visual identity, styleguide, UI kit, wireframes, interaction design, visual design, copywriting, development


Health247 helps people stay healthy and develop a better lifestyle. They make healthcare more accessible through smart self-care solutions for everyone. With workshops, articles, vitality programs, and the mobile 'Selfcare' app, they bring self-care within reach. Health247 believes in empowering self-sufficiency to improve the quality of life and address healthcare shortages. Health247 ensures that care is always at your fingertips. From healthy individuals to healthcare institutions.

In refining the visual identity, we actively honed the available logo concept. The end result is a vibrant and adaptable logo that can be enhanced with images, animations, and variations. With a palette of fresh colors, Health247 consistently strikes the right chord.

For a cohesive visual style, we established design principles that guide the creation of recognizable Health247 brand elements. One of these principles is 'personal,' which is exemplified through portraits of individuals breaking free from the circle. Another principle, 'clear,' is reflected in the typography. The inclusive and calming shapes of the Haffer SQ font was chosen, while the Bagoss Extended font injects just the right amount of guiding character.

Concretizing Health247's services posed a significant challenge in web design, requiring us to tackle the task of creating a clear site structure and navigation. With multiple target audiences—individuals, businesses, and healthcare providers—it was crucial to ensure that everyone feels addressed and swiftly accesses relevant information.

The question we asked ourselves was, "How can we achieve this without overwhelming complexity?" Through a proactive approach, we developed a web strategy, crafted a detailed sitemap, and designed wireframes to determine the most optimal website structure. Leveraging the wireframes and a comprehensive style guide, we created the visual design of the website, keeping a human-centric focus and allowing ample room for engaging interactions.

The Health247 website incorporates a multisite framework, offering seamless multilanguage support. This allows Health247 to effortlessly create multiple sites, integrate different languages, and leverage existing elements without significant expenses. We successfully developed both an English and Turkish landing page as part of this process. Additionally, we dedicated substantial attention to crafting captivating animations, creating a user experience that is smooth, personalized, and friendly.

Project Management
Yvonne Brouwer
Visuele identiteit
Rob Loman, Matthijs Zoet
Motion design
Matthijs Zoet
Fabian Strien
Visual design
Rens Bruinekreeft
Miranda Adam
Support Lead
Arne Schouten
Peter Vermaas