LeadBot greets visitors to your website, shows them its main buttons and makes contact quick and easy.

LeadBot - The Netherlands
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LeadBot is a website tool for interaction and conversion. This tool offers visitors easy contact options over their preferred channels, such as email, phone or WhatsApp. LeadBot also provides an overview of the various leads and forwards them to the right sales or service departments, so brands get even better results with digital marketing. Lammert Heek, co-founder of LeadBot, explains: “Our other company, a digital marketing agency, deploys a lot of tools, including tools similar to LeadBot. But we often ran into roadblocks. Along with our clients, we came up with proposals for improvements, but typically not much came of these. At the same time, we know from our own expertise and experience what works and what doesn’t. From this idea, LeadBot was born.

Around nine months before the go-live, LeadBot enlisted Mandelo to help with the visual identity and the website.

“We were still developing the tool, but we were already in the finishing phase. We’d already thought up the name, but hadn’t yet settled on an identity or house style.” Mandelo designed the visual identity and helped LeadBot with the design of the tool and the user experience. Mandelo delivered a handy User Interface (UI) kit that the LeadBot developers could use to further shape the tool.

In short, Mandelo provided: the design of the tool itself, front-end design, logo, font selection, use of color, typography, web design, web development and a social media template.

The development of the logo served as the basis for the further visual identity, the design of the tool and the website.

The heart of the visual identity combines playfulness with the speed and flexibility of the tool. Lammert: “A lot of SaaS tools have a typical SaaS look and feel, which is why you see a lot of the same. Our style is distinctive. It’s tight and sleek, yet playful.” Mandelo also retold the tale of LeadBot with illustrations and animations. Lammert: “It’s vital to explain the functioning of the tool using animations. It was really neat to see how Mandelo translated our words flawlessly into images. They got things right the first time. We hardly needed any rounds of corrections at all, through the whole process.”

Mandelo first developed two designs: one yellow and one blue. The preference was for blue.

Lammert: “We’ve now come to think of the color blue and LeadBot as inseparable. We were surprised by the elegance of the design. We were familiar with Mandelo’s process: we’d been doing projects together regularly, as we still do. But we were surprised by the quality, once we got the chance to experience it for ourselves. They presented all the drafts and how they arrived at the design, and they’d worked things out so thoroughly that only minor adjustments were needed. From the first design, we immediately thought: Wow, that’s sick! Nailed it! It really came to life right away.” LeadBot itself provided the structure for the website: they had a very clear idea of what all they wanted. Mandelo made the wireframes, and from those, the design. Lammert: “Wireframes are crucial. Once you have those settled and work things out from there, it all falls into place. And this time was no exception.”

“We are getting a lot of positive responses,” adds Lammert. “For our clients, the images are right for both the website and the tool itself. Everything hinges on the design. Mandelo has digital artists on staff: in terms of the big picture, they get it right the first time. For me, that’s fantastic.”

“The way Mandelo translated our ideas into a visual identity that suits us to a T and distinguishes us from other SaaS tools was extremely cool. It’s playful, but still professional. Simple and welcoming, just like the tool. Other SaaS tools often make a point of keeping things impersonal, but you can just call us on the phone. The visual identity really reflects that.”
Lammert Geert Heek Partner at LeadBot
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