In a market clouded by confusion, provides a remarkable easy process for choosing, purchasing and installing garden lighting.

Client - The Netherlands
Brand strategy, visual identity, interaction design, visual design


What started as a cash-and-carry store in 2005, gained recognition in 2008 with an unmissable domain name. Over the past years, the fully remote online store has grown to become one of the leading webshops in garden lighting. In 2022 decided to expand its product offering. With this step came the need for a new and cohesive narrative. We embarked on a fully digital journey with to develop a new brand strategy, visual identity and UX foundation for the Dutch garden lighting store.

After nine hours of brand sessions and a substantial amount of desk research, three things became clear.

Firstly, choosing, buying, and installing garden lighting is complex. You need to have knowledge about it. Secondly: it doesn't get any easier. Without realizing it, you might order two different brands of garden lighting that are incompatible with each other. Thirdly, in the meantime, we are ordering complete houses online, renovating them ourselves with the help of construction giants, and assembling furniture using handy manuals. The market of garden lighting can learn a thing or two from that.

The three key insights inspired the vision of to make good garden lighting accessible to everyone. As a remote webshop, they understand the importance of clear communication and are well-versed in remote assistance. The new strategy, with the tagline 'surprisingly easy' feels like the next logical step for the brand. With multiple buying guides, optional video calls, and understandable language, is the place where it actually becomes easy. From discovering to maintaining garden lighting.

The visual identity is inspired by the versatility of different gardens. From small to large, rectangular to square, and from farmhouse gardens to city gardens.

As the online store for garden lighting that makes it surprisingly easy, knows the various ways to illuminate a garden. This is reflected in the visual identity with style elements that adapt to the application.

The new brand strategy needed to be noticeable in the user experience of website visitors as soon as possible. Therefore, we worked on a UX foundation to streamline that experience.

We delved further into the customer journey of the target audience, the online world of garden lighting, and renowned web shops from other industries. During the strategic web session we brainstormed how to concretely incorporate the new brand promise into the website.

With all the information in mind, we revised the structure of the homepage and the menu of In the wireframe of the new menu, we included segmentation of products, brands, and applications. This helps users to find what they need more easily.

For the same reason, the buying guide was given an important place on the homepage. The different brands above the fold provide social proof, recognition, and filtering. Below the fold of the homepage, we added proven webshop elements, such as recently viewed products and inspiring articles. Everything to make it as easy as possible for website visitors.

Voorbeeld geheel-1

We took care of the visual design for the initial viewport of the homepage and the product detail page. In doing so, we used the high-fidelity wireframes and visual identity as a basis. Without that foundation, the final design would take three times as long. When designing the product detail page, we moved technical aspects towards the background to make it accessible to people who are less familiar with garden lighting as well.

“I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Mandelo. They have helped us transform our positioning into a customer-centric approach. Notable were their commitment, expertise, and flexibility.”
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Visual identity
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Brand strategy
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Visual design
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